Graduate program

Scientists should be excellent in their specific subject, but for a successfull career it is equally important to have broad scientific knowledge.

We offer

We offer (as funds allow):

During the Ph.D. every student of our graduate program should document 12 SWS (a seminar of 2h per week for the entire semester counts as 2 SWS).

The 12 SWS should be devided as follows:

This can be tracked using this documentation.


4 SWS Teaching undergraduate lab courses
3 SWS Ph.D. seminar plus Colloquium (3 Semester) 

Plus e.g.

1 SWS language class
1 SWS Scientific writing 
Or others

6 SWS Teaching undergraduate lab courses

2 SWS GdCh Colloquium or Colloquia of the Institutes
1 SWS language course
1 SWS Scientific writing
2 SWS any lecture

in addition we offer

Program of the school

In addition, presentation and other soft skills are increasingly important. Last but not least we should educate students as team players and problem-solving young scientist. The graduate program offers multiple opportunities:

Conference experience

• Travel awards


• Colloquium of the GcCh
• Biological Colloquium

Soft skills

• Presentation skills
• Scientific writing

Teaching skills

• Teach undergraduate Courses
• Teach master courses
• Other teaching

Scientific excellence

• Discussion of your project
• Help colleagues, get help
• Become a team player